ligaz11 Poker In Europe

The Winter Tournament at the Aviation was in full flow during the last newsletter so I will start with the outstanding results.


The € 200 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo was won by Angelo Besnainou € 9130 from 49 entries. This was Angelo’s second win at the Winter Tournament following his success in the € 500 Omaha/Holdem. Chuc from France took the € 500 Pot Limit Omaha € 22,410


Donat Bernard

The Main Event saw 49 players put up € 2,000 for the No Limit Hold’em and it was left to Donat Bernard from France to take the first prize of €37,500 from Hendon Mobster Ram Vaswani in second. Ram Vaswani had previously been successful in the Hendon Mob Heads Up Challenge against the Aviation team with his compatriots Barny Boatman and Joe Beevers winning as well. The only loss from the Mob was when Patrick Bruel beat Ross Boatman.


The Hendon Mob

Before finishing with the Aviation I would like to point out that in our last newsletter I asked Isabelle Mercier to respond about the number of entries at the ACF. Isabelle did respond and her answers can be found by clicking here Thanks for your prompt response and excellent points. I’m sure our readers will appreciate it.


Barcelona Staff

The Gran Casino de Barcelona in Spain held its first ever poker festival the Barcelona Open. Finn Jenson from Denmark won the first event € 200 Limit ligaz11 Hold’em from a field of 71 picking up € 9,044. Pekki Salmi from Finland won the € 200 Pot Limit Omaha and €7,752, Van Kanpen Joop from Holland won the €100 No Limit Hold’em € 6,099 and the Main Event € 1,000 No Limit Hold’em was one by another Dane Kenneth Jenson € 14,000. The tournaments were well attended from players throughout Europe but it was the Scandinavians who took the main spoils.


Van Kanpen Joop

Over in Austria the annual Poker Party at Seefeld was won by Mario Bentivedo from Italy. This was a Limit 7 Card Stud tournament with Mario winning € 4,935.


The last remaining European event of the year take place in Russia the Olympia Open Poker Festival, Austria Christmas Poker Championships, Finland Helsinki Freezout and new to the scene Estonia Christmas Tournament.


Good luck to all the players who attend these events and watch out for the results on the website.


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