Bankroll Busters: PL08 and Pai Gow sbobet


I arrived in Vegas more than 3 hours after I should have. My 8:14pm touchdown quickly changed to close to midnight. You’d think flying from Lafayette, LA to Atlanta, GA to Las Vegas, NV would help me avoid the snow delays. Of course I was wrong.

In fact, I didn’t even get out of Lafayette on time. I arrived in Atlanta after my connection was supposed to leave and since it was seemingly the only plane in the sbobet fleet to get off on time, I was stuck on a later flight. Not a lucky way to start the weekend. But I shook it off.

Checking in

When I finally got to the Imperial Palace, I just wanted to dump my stuff and find the rest of you wherever you were. I wasn’t thinking too clearly, which explains this conversation:

“Would you like a room with a view which will be noisy, or a quiet room with no view?”

“A view?”

“Of the strip.”

“Sure, I’ll take a view.”

Loud Karaoke bar 1, CJ 0.

I dropped off my stuff, hopped on the monorail, wound my way through the MGM and approached the Excalibur. That’s when I got my first genuine smile. Walking towards me was none other than my old friend Reilly and his friend Boston Jay. A bear hug and hellos exchanged, I knew I was going to have a great time.

How do you play this game of poker?

For some strange reason, much of Thursday night/Friday morning was a blur. Maybe it was the vanilla and diet Coke I hammered when I got there. Okay, I’m lying. The waitress mixed up my Coke with the Princess’s vanilla and diet and one sip was all I could take.

Also at the table were some esteemed members of the St. Loo Crew (if I remember correctly) and Otis may have been one of them. That’s how blurry this is.

I do remember announcing a suckout on Dimebag Dave (St. Loo Crew) preflop with my offsuit JackHammer. He caught K-high on the flop, but I did have bottom pair. His check-raise on the turn certainly couldn’t push me off the pot. And, naturally, the Jack on the river was a winner. That would be one of the last appearances of the Luckbox for quite a while.

Eventually I moved to the NL table because I decided I wanted to actually make money (the 2-6 spread was killing me). Falstaff was already there and seemed to be enjoying it.

Just a few hands in, I picked up A2 on the button and called the BB. Four of us saw a flop of A-7-2. The SB lead out for more than was in the pot. I re-raised him and he insta-pushed. Huh?

I tanked. I just sat down. I was nursing wounds from the blogger spread game and I couldn’t believe I was unlucky enough to run into A7 or 77. I mean, is this how the weekend would go?

The guy had just moved to our table, so I had no read, and simply had to go on instinct. I had to have the better hand. I called, he flipped A6 and I exhaled. The deuce on the turn was a nice touch. That’s a good way to make back my money!

Pot Limit O/8? Sure, why not?

I’ll give you lots of reasons:



Dr. Chako (He’s British for crying out loud!) Some British dude Dr. Chako


Any guesses on whether this game was +EV for me? I think we were a few hands in when I thought I had a pretty good hand. Of course, I’m rather clueless about this game so I have no idea what a good hand is. What I do remember is that I missed everything for the high and was hoping my 2nd nut low would hold up.

I didn’t want to spend much on the hand, but TheMark decided to pot it. Dammit. I went into the tank before finally calling. I’ve learned to detest the word “quartered.”

I avoided most hands from that point forward before the big hand. It was a massive showdown between TheMark and Dr. Chako some British dude Dr. Chako for hundreds of dollars in the pot. Had I stuck around with my two pair (isn’t two pair gold????) I’d have crushed for the high and they would have quartered with the nut low. However, better O/8 players than I seem to think two pair is a bit weak. That’s the last time I fold that hand!!!

Pai Gow with Otis and the Princess

Of course it was a bad idea, but I couldn’t take anymore PLO8 for obvious reasons and Pai Gow actually seemed to be +EV by comparison.

I helped take over a table with Otis, Heather, Drizz, April and the Gamecock. At one point, Joe Speaker also joined us (he quickly regretted it).

It didn’t take long for me to get up about $50. I love this game! The dealer was missing and I was seeing cards. Who doesn’t love Pai Gow? Especially with pros like Otis and Heather at the table.

Then something happened. I was following Heather’s rule that you double your bet every time you lose. Ten became 20 became 40 became 80. That’s right, $80 on a Pai Gow hand. It was only after I lost this hand that Heather mentioned she’d never bet $80 on Pai Gow. I suppose I should have bought in for $160 and tried again, but I wasn’t that supid.

I was stupid enough, however, to rebuy for $100 (no shame in rebuying) and proceeded to quickly lose that as well. CJ is a donkey when it comes to Pai Gow.

Amazingly, Otis finished up at the table but the rest of us were ready to go and I needed some sleep. From the table to the cab stand, we lost Otis. Is anyone shocked?

I settled into my bed at about 6am hoping I would get up in time for the Noon tourney at the Aladdin. I was down $190 at the poker tables and $200 at the Pai Gow tables. How’s that for a start to the weekend? Thankfully I was up 1,487,300 in fun points and there was much more to come.