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Windows for shared hosting



Although Linux might seem like it has everything covered, Windows offers its own advantages, such as:


  1. 1. Easy set up


Windows is well-known for its intuitive, interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI). Windows is easier than Linux to use, especially for beginners. Although you don’t need to be an expert Linux user in order to use Linux hosting, there is a learning curve due to the Command-Line Interface. It’s easy with Windows. Windows is also widely used by personal computers around the globe. This makes it easier for users to recognize and learn the language.


  1. Some applications can only be used on cheap managed dedicated servers Windows.


Windows has access to many features and applications that are only available for Windows users. Although there may be slightly modified versions of Linux, Windows has the exclusive access to many programs. MS-SQL databases, and.Net are two examples.


It is important to note that.Net can be used with Linux. It’s much easier to setup and use with Windows.


What do I need to know about Linux in order to use Linux hosting?


No! No, you don’t need to be an expert on Linux to use it. There are very few situations where you will actually need to use core Linux-based software. cPanel is the main application you will use. It is intuitive and easy to use. It doesn’t require you to code anything. It is a GUI (Graphic User Interface), application designed to assist people new to Linux.


Learning Linux terminology is the most important part of Linux learning. Sometimes applications are referred to by the term ‘packets’. You should be fine once you have started to use it.




Windows vs Linux is an old debate that will never end. When you get recommendations from others, people will have different preferences. It is important to analyze your needs before choosing an Operating System.


Https:// offers 24×7 customer support that is available to you in case of emergency. It’s important to find the OS that works best for you, and not obsess about which OS is superior. There is no better OS than the two available for you.