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Casino Fortune, an online gaming giant, is doing for its players what no other online or land based casino has ever done.


Casino Fortune, an online gaming giant, is doing for its players what no other online or land based casino has ever done. It is the only casino that is seriously addressing the issues on compulsive gambling, initially by recruiting a gambling counselor known under the pseudonym Miss Hope, and now by incorporating a breakthrough system to identify compulsive gamblers.


“This system has been under development for several months and will now enable us to analyze our players’ database for suspected cases of compulsive gambling,” says Peron Mahabir, Sunny Casinos Director. “We hope that this major undertaking on our part will let the world know that there are responsible online casino operators,” he added.


“We were one of the first casinos on the Internet and have learned the risk of bringing gambling into people’s homes. Casino Fortune is conscientious and wants to provide entertainment to customers, not to ruin them,” said Dr. Waldo Waldron-Ramsay, Chairman of Sunny Casinos.


This new system will assist Casino Fortune in making QQ Online players’ gaming experiences fun as well as safe. Casino Fortune has truly lived up to its declaration of placing people before profits and earning the reputation of being The People’s Casino.


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Casino Fortune’s mission is to provide its players with the finest online gaming experience. 6 years in the online casino business has equipped Casino Fortune with the expertise to provide round the clock customer service, lucrative sign up bonuses, player perks, big prizes and most of all fast payouts. Casino Fortune holds a permanent license in the island of Antigua and has the IGC seal of approval.




As audio continues to raise its profile as a critical component in terms of creating more immersive gameplay and confirms its position a key differentiator in the highly competitive games market, Criterion have been fast to recognise the change in developer needs and can now present RenderWare Audio version 2.0 for Playstation 2.


Criterion Software Ltd® today announces the availability of RenderWare Audio version 2.0 for PlayStation 2. Providing significant enhanced features from version 1.0, including the integration of Dolby Pro Logic® II, version 2.0 is designed to be the comprehensive solution that developers need to quickly deliver outstanding real-time audio for PlayStation 2. In keeping with the RenderWare philosophy, version 2.0 simplifies the process of generating rich, exciting multi-channel audio, and further enables developers to invest even greater resources in the crucial creative elements of the game.


In addition to the integration of Dolby Pro Logic II, other features that have been enhanced include the wave dictionary editing and memory management features. Developers are also able to stream audio across the IOP (input/output processor) rather than using the emotion engine.


Version 2.0 is modular and entirely open so developers are able to provide cutting edge audio to their game’s runtime engine ‘straight from the box’ with minimal programmer dependency, and the inherent flexibility of the RenderWare API also means they can match the exact audio requirements of individual games across all genres.


Criterion’s CTO, Adam Billyard, comments, “Consumers now have the same audio expectations for games as they do of movies, so publishers and developers are under pressure to raise the bar in terms of their game audio. Our focus is to empower developers with the very best audio technology tools so they can exploit each platform’s unique strengths and features, and achieve the maximum effect using minimum time and less resources – that way the overall game experience is heightened significantly. With version 2.0 developers can bypass the audio learning curve and get straight to immersive, creative gameplay.”


Simon Bailey, Managing Director, Asylum Games comments, “Our teams have already integrated RenderWare Audio as standard into our game production process. The quality, usability and high functionality of the product have been instrumental in ensuring our games offer unparalleled audio as part of the immersive gameplay we are providing throughout our next-gen games. Audio plays a vital part in ensuring that the entire experience for the player is as close to reality as possible, and we are certainly excited by the launch of the version 2.0 for Playstation 2 and look forward to using the added features and capabilities.”