Out treatment acne errors reproduction perfect skin

Errors 1: using fluoride toothpaste

PASS: Actually acne and toothpaste may also be related, fluoride toothpaste may cause some women cause acne, try to use non-fluoride toothpaste, see if it is less so!

Errors 2: a long time once wash the towel used to cover pillow

PASS: think every night we close contact with the towel used to cover pillow to a good number of hours. The best washed once a week, dried in the sun.

Errors 3: more sweat after exercise not wash faces in time

PASS: Sweat should be wash in a timely manner, to stay on the skin surface and with dust together would have to stimulate the skin, resulting in poor discharge pores, and cause allergic reactions are easy to grow acne.

Errors 4: intake prophylactic treatment acne

PASS: Some acne are caused by endocrine disorders, so to eat prophylactic some of the sisters became a tacit secret. This is the most not recommended, it may make you gain weight, long-term use may be other aspects of scruples.

Whitening products is not more expensive more better

The most expensive may not be the most suitable for you, the same brand reputation. Trusted Brand degrees higher, of course, the safety of the more trustworthy, but whitening your personalized needs, but may not be the most effective. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here

In fact, according to different problems, the most effective products that are different to pock for example, the effect of acid on vitamin C is better than results.

  • uneven color, acne scar: sun protection is the most effective manner, but also be in line with containing acid, kojic acid, vitamin C these skin care ingredients.
  • sunburn: First of all, or sunscreen, as the use of whitening skincare, effective use of products containing acid composition. Little effect other ingredients.

For whitening maintenance, we must remember that the priorities, which is divided into regional and discriminatory manner. If only single-whitening maintenance products, then wipe the entire face time, there are spots where wipe 2-3 times, and then attached to a few minutes of massage. If the use of whitening skin care products are divided into strength, then the only spot in the paint on the part of high-strength products.

Melasma in the face and Health related

After wash face in a mirror, please close look at your face, whether or not there are some melasma, this and your physical condition.

Hairline edge spots: and gynecological reasons, such as female hormone imbalance related.

Eyelids spots: more common in pregnancy persons and female hormone imbalance.

Temple, eyes tail spots: and thyroid function weaken, pregnancy, menopause, nervous and psychological factors strong blow, and so on.

Under the nose spots: was particularly prevalent in the ovarian disorder.

Around the eyes spots: common uterine disorders, abortion and hormone imbalance caused by too much emotional unrest.

Cheek spots: more common in liver disease, the sun, menopausal age spots and sub-adrenal function weakened.

Around mouth spots: food intake too much.

hin spots: more common gynecological diseases, leucorrhea too much, cosmetic allergy.

Forehead spots: was particularly prevalent in the sex hormone, estrogen, vice kidney, ovarian hormone abnormalities.

Neck spots: toilet water allergies, ultraviolet sunlight burns.