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New Online Togel Singapore Casino Software Solutions Make Starting An Internet Casino Easier Than Ever



Starting an internet casino is easier than ever, thanks to a new gaming division established at Kaleici Leisure Group ( ). The Las Vegas based consulting firm’s iGaming specialists have assembled five new gaming solutions that make starting your own online casino as easy as telling them which package you want to order.


The gambling industry is the undisputed king of entertainment platforms, with annual revenues that surpass those of movies, concerts, theme parks and the music industry – combined. The internet wagering aspect of this industry has carved out a market niche unto itself, and is now the number one contributor to all e-commerce as a whole. Currently estimated to be a $12 Billion industry, the numbers are projected to grow at a consistent level, making this a lucrative venture for any investor.


From a business perspective, what truly sets internet casinos apart from their land based counterparts is that there is a relatively low start-up cost involved, and overhead is almost non-existent. The principle costs involved with operating an internet casino, aside from advertising, are hosting the gaming servers and the costs of operating a customer support call center. Even these aspects can be managed for you under the “turnkey” solutions established by Kaleici Leisure Group.


There are currently more than 125 companies offering products to power internet casino, bingo, poker and sportsbook businesses. Kaleici’s iGaming experts have evaluated these options and narrowed them down to five core casino software solutions, providing quality games in a variety of price ranges. All systems are available in either turnkey models, or as extensive in-house gaming networks. There is even an affiliate casino package that allows common advertisers to obtain a private label referral casino with almost no investment required.


In addition to allowing casino owners to determine how much control they want over the daily operations of the back-end infrastructure, the company also provides assistance with obtaining the proper Togel Singapore gaming license in a variety of reputable gaming jurisdictions. While Kahnawake and Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) are the most popular locations, Kaleici actually provides clients with a choice of over 30 countries where licensing is possible, allowing them to match each client to the location that best suits their individual needs.


The amount of revenue a company can expect to generate from operating their own internet casino depends on the quality of software and the extent of the marketing put behind the brand. Small casino operators who are primarily looking for a source of supplemental revenue can earn several thousand dollars per week with minimum investment, while those who operate on a larger scale commonly earn $200,000 and up per week.


With recent legislative changes in the United Kingdom, and a favorable ruling from the World Trade Organization pertaining to internet gambling in the United States, the time is right to make a successful lauch with your own internet casino