Cheapskates Guide To Online Gambling

Looking for Penny Slots? How about $1 Blackjack? We’ve gone hunting to find you the best in low-limit play. Not all of these casinos are on the cutting edge, and we won’t go out on a limb and vouch for their credibility, but you can definitely play for cheap!


Most casino Blackjack games have $5 minimums and that can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re working on perfecting your basic strategy. Try these lower-limit alternatives ($1 minimums unless otherwise specified):

Oasis Casino –powered by CyberBookies– offers an unprecedented 5¢ minimum!

Global Player

Casino-On-Net (Cassava Enterprises)

Enterbet, iBet, Money Plays Casino and other sites powered by Unified Gaming Software

Alps Casino, Four Aces Casino, Prince Monaco Casino and other GamblingSoftware.com licensees

Casino San Fran and other Radiate powered casinos offer $2 games

First Web Casino, The Gaming Club, Royal Vegas and the other Microgaming Systems licensees have $2 Blackjack


Minimums are typically 25¢ or $1. Here’s our list of places offering 1¢ and 5¢ games:

Lasseters and AusVegas –Access Gaming Systems licensees– have 1¢ games

Again, Oasis Casino with their 5¢ minimum

5¢ games are also available at Video Poker Classic, Video Poker Saloon, Blackjack Castle and Triple Play Casino which run the iCrystal Inc games package

Starnet Systems sites –including Pyramid Casino, Royal Club Casino, WinCity Casino– have 5¢ games

More 5¢ games at the Radiate-powered casino Planet City Casino


It’s tough to find a Baccarat 789betting game at anything less than $5 or $10 a hand, but we’ve found a couple:

Here too Oasis Casino offers their 5¢ minimum

Casino-On-Net offers $1 Baccarat


The typical Roulette minimum is $1 or more. Here’s a few cheapies:

Lasseters is the only casino we know offering 1¢ games

Oasis Casino and their famous 5¢ minimum

The Radiate casinos –Casino San Fran, Club Monte Carlo and Planet City Casino– offer 25¢ Roulette

Video Poker

VP minimums are typically 25¢ or more, these aren’t:

Starnet Systems sites –including Pyramid Casino, Royal Club Casino, WinCity Casino– have 5¢ VP

Oasis Casino continues their sweep of the 5¢ games

5¢ VP at Planet City Casino (Radiate)

More Games

Here’s a few miscellaneous cheapskate games that might catch your eye:

The cheapskates champion: Lasseters adds Sic Bo to their collection of 1¢ games

Oasis Casino and their 5¢ games! This time it’s Caribbean Stud Poker

Planet City Casino (Radiate) has 5¢ Keno

Many Microgaming Systems licensees –First Web Casino, The Gaming Club, Royal Vegas and the others– have $1 Craps

$1 Craps is also available at Casino-On-Net

Our Favorite Cheapskate Casino

Lasseters — Cheap games with the security of Australian government regulation.