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Sun International Hotels Limited last week joined the ever expanding list of land-based casino companies to enter the online gambling arena. The company, which runs Atlantis casino in the Bahamas as well as a number of casinos in the United States, has signed a deal with casino software supplier Boss Media in which Boss will develop an online casino for Sun. The launch date for the casino hasn’t yet been announced.

Just in time for March Madness, a pair of online sportsbooks, and, have partnered to launch a website geared for NCAA basketball bettors. The site,, enables users to instantly compare the different odds offered by the two sportsbooks. Thus before laying a bet, users can decide which lines are most favorable.

“This is a real breakthrough in online gaming,” VIP General Manager Alistair Asheton said. “The site offers users the existing benefits of the two individual sportsbooks with the added bonus of being able to select the best odds available from both. There’s never been a better time for users to bet online. With the high levels of security available, speed of service and this revolutionary new method of betting, I can’t see how they can lose.”

Kiwi Casino, the online casino operated by the same company that runs Christchurch casino in New Zealand, just announced that it has debuted single-zero roulette–the European version of the game, which offers significantly better odds than America (double-zero). The virtual casino is accessible at

A relatively new website,, offers a real-money, skill-based stakes games. Players can contribute from $0.60 to $9 via credit card to enter multiple tournaments. Winners in each tournament collect cash prizes ranging from $2 to a potentially unlimited daily progressive, based on the number of entrants. The site already awards over $15,000 per day, with more than 5,000 tournaments completed daily. Games include Togel Hari Ini solitaire, Free Cell, Minesweeper, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and others. New games will be constantly added to the site, with chess and checkers coming soon. The creators of the site say that the games are different from conventional chance-based gaming–such as gambling, lotteries, or sweepstakes–where every player faces the same random odds always favoring the house and always beyond a player’s control. Notably, the high winner for January won over $13,000 playing WorldWinner’s version of solitaire.

WorldWinner Zorik Gordon is sure that the site’s games will be a welcome alternative to casino games. “We have replaced tedious games like blackjack and roulette with skill-based games that people love to play for fun; adding cash stakes to these games enhances the excitement level for the player, as well as creating a business model with unlimited profitability potential,” Gordan said. “By focusing on skill-based gaming, we have developed a superior and potentially more rewarding way for online gamers to play for real stakes and win real cash. Skill-based gaming is the future, and it beats chance gaming hands down.” offers three types of tournaments: Training, Rookie and Big Money. Training tournaments invite players to practice games for free. In Rookie tournaments, players may use a free five-dollar credit to compete for cash credits to be used in Big Money Tournaments. Big Money Tournaments enable contestants to pay an entry fee of $2-$9 via credit card to compete for real cash. The highest score of each tournament determines the winner. Players can then withdraw their winnings from their account.