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A new Rambo-themed Togel Hongkong Slots



One of the most famous online casino operators PartyGaming can now boast of their new released slots game. It’s a five-reel and 20-payline Rambo-themed game that is waiting for its fans on the site.


Rambo has enriched the list of other movie-themed games. These movies are considered the greatest movies filmed in Hollywood; therefore they already have millions of enthusiastic viewers.


The name of the game depictures helicopters and tanks, heavy artillery and other sequences, just exactly as fans of the famous movie would expect. A player can bet on twenty lines maximum, while the minimum amount to bet is one cent.


According to the statistics of, over ten million dollars are won by players everyday. What is great, there are other movie-themed games such as Saturday Night Fever, The Terminator, Gone With The Wind, Mission Impossible and others at players’ disposal.

A spokesperson for thinks that with Rambo it’s a situation when players should give it a go and after they do it, they’ll get an unbelievable experience.


He also added that is glad to announce that a live Togel Hongkong dealer feature is currently available. PartyGaming believes having live Dealers is an up-to-date feature.



Kezia Obama and Nelson Mandela are to play bingo


Kezia Obama, the first wife of the President of the United States’s father, Barack Obama, has announced that she was going to play bingo with Nelson Mandela, who was the first president of South Africa. The play is expected to take place in South Africa, during Kezia Obama’s visit. She is intending to collect some money for charity.


One of Kezia Obamas’s hobbies is to play bingo at a club that’s located quite near her house in England. She admits that she plays there regularly. She’s currectly going round South Africa and using her high status to raise money transferred to Operation Hunger, which aim is to prevent malnutrition in South Africa.


One of Bracknell residents claimed that he loves Mandela for his friendliness and helpfulness.


Her meeting with Mandela is planned to be held next week and she has ordered her aides to prepare all things needed for a bingo game with the first president of South Africa.


So, Kezia Obama will be busy playing bingo during her visit. Operations Director for Viva Bingo, Percy Shabalala, declared that all winnings from her games will be saved for Operation Hunger.