Move to Legalize เเทงหวยออนไลน์ in Alaska


The age old game, เเทงหวยออนไลน์ has stormed into the lives of Americans in a big way. States are having a tough time dealing with this new found craze. Alaska is one of the latest states to jump into the battle, on the issue of legalizing poker and gaming. This mass movement towards legalizing poker is being led by Alaska’s Poker Guru, Perry Green. This poker pro argues that poker is a legitimate way of making money and the method is not dubious any more. Green has been investing time and money, in a drive to get poker legalized in Alaska. He implored the state to move away from an oil based economy and take on gaming activity. Green has been selling the game to the state by extolling the advantages of poker by talking of the profit from tax revenue and additional jobs that would come by way of legalizing poker. reports:

Green brought some heavy-duty political power with him to the meeting in Rep. Pete Kott, R-Eagle River, and Sen. John Cowdery R-Anchorage, and demonstrated that their was political support the move. According to Cowdrey, illicit activity usually accompanies illegal games and the bill to impose restrictions on them would be good for the state.

Escapa Software, and Phill Hellmuth Team Together to Raise Funds For Katrina Relief Efforts

Excapsa Software, a noted online poker software developer and, the network’s main licencee, along with Phil Hillmuth; decided to hold three fund raising poker tournaments. These tournaments will be conducted on The proceeds will be contributed to help Hurricane Katrina victims. The tournaments will begin from the 8th of September. Hundred percent of the earnings, from these tournaments will get donated to provide for relief efforts. Additionally, both Excapsa Software and have stated that they will put in an amount equivalent to the funds raised; up to a maximum of $25,000 each. Over and above this, Russ Hamilton and Phil Hellmuth have pledged another $10,000 each. These events will be hosted by World Champion poker player, Phil Hellmuth, Jr. He believes that his group of celebrity friends who have extended a hand to help the victims will be able to make a difference. reports:

Players in the September 10th event also have the opportunity to win one of these generously donated prizes: Lunch wit poker champions Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari. Lunch with NFL legend Troy Aikman.